There's an old saying, "Milan l'è Milan, Milan is just Milan" and though the city seems to lack the charm of other Italian cities, if you scratch beneath the surface you will find it is a city full of contrasts and hidden depth, with its own unique personality and beauty!

Milan has some of the finest churches in Italy and numerous Palaces and Mansions, proud reminders of the city's aristocratic past. The many well-run museums offer a glimpse into the city's artistic and historical heritage. There is fantastic shopping at any level, from chic designer shops to department stores. And the style doesn't stop with fashion; even the humblest delicatessen have a certain flair.


We are a network of professional guides from Milan, qualified for the profession and with a deep knowledge of History of Art, who alternate doing tours, according to our specializations, for the transmission of the Milanese cultural heritage.

Our itineraries are personalized depending on the clients' needs. We propose both individual and group tours, we can make suggestions about restaurants, hotels, shops and Milanese specialties. The fees are according to the number of people in the group and to the number of tours requested. We propose classic tours of Milan's most famous masterpieces and tours to alternate locations, less known but no less suggestive and important.

In the following pages you will find some of ours proposals and suggestions. 

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“The most majestic creation the human intellect has been able to conceive. A vision, a miracle, a chant cut in stone, a poem carved in marble”.

Mark Twain on the Cathedral