The “ Cimitero Monumentale “ (1866) covers an area of 250,000 sqm (900,000sq ft) in the northwest district of the town. Eminent Italians, such as the novelist Alessandro Manzoni and the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, are buried in the Fame Aedes that is The Memorial Chapel, many others are   in the burial ground. A very touching and peculiar site, with some of the best sepulchral monuments and sculptures from the 19th - 20th century made by famousartists. Don't miss it!


Liberty turned out a success in Milan, as well as in other Italian towns and especially in Turin and Palermo, at the dawn of the 20th century. Liberty, better- known as Art Nouveau, is an international movement that began in Belgium and Austria and spread throughout Europe with different names, but which expressed a similar meaning: it was a style which marked a break with tradition, and involved figurative arts, architecture and applied arts.

We organize tours around Porta Venezia one of the areas richest in Liberty buildings : from the polychrome Casa Galimberti, to the renowned Casa Guazzoni where we could ask to visit the inside , to Palazzo Castiglioni, nicknamed “The House of Buttocks”, to Palazzo Berri Meregalli, nicknamed “Witch House”, and to finish, Casa Tensi and the lovely Casa Campanini.



Brera is one of the oldest and most attractive districts in Milan. For many years it was inhabited by artists and there is still a hint of bohemia. Via Brera is its liveliest street, popular with the young for its open air cafes, charming trattorie, galleries, street vendors and late-night bars.


Named after the old shipway, this district of the town was once an important trade route for barges. Since barge transport ceased in 1979,’ I Navigli’ have gradually evolved into a popular art and nightlife area.

Hive of activity I Navigli were once a working-class area with small craft workshops lining along the towing paths. With the increasing "gentrification" of the district and the rising costs of rents, this work-shops have been pushed out to make way for shops, bars, and restaurant, from old family run” trattorie” to sleek, trendy ones.