Hemingway, Kafka, Oscar Wilde, Dostoevskij: many great men of culture visited Milan, gave their account of the city in diaries, letters or books. A great variety of opinions on the city exists, since Milan began to attract voyagers as early as the end of the 15th century. And later on, although it was not part of the classic Grand Tour, it was nevertheless included in the itineraries of those who “descended” towards Central Italy or who went back north through Switzerland.



“I would like to live there forever"

Mark Twain about the Galleria


“Raphael was a happier genius than Leonardo; admire his delightful Wedding of the Virgin, magnificent as a first, profound smile of a conscious inspiration"

Henry James about the Brera Museum



“As I wandered around its jagged base, I felt its grey mysteries rise above me, in the starlight"

Henry James about the Cathedral


“It is virtually the only centre of social life: the Milanese have their private boxes, in which they play cards, chat and do a vit of everything"

Byron about La Scala Opera House


“The effect of the Cathedral in moonlight, when the stars gather around its sculptures, goes beyond all I believe architecture could produce"

Shelley about the Cathedral


“From far away (the Cathedral) seems almost carved in white letter paper and up close one is startled to see that this carving undoubtedly made of marble...It is really beautiful, of a colossal elegance, a plaything for giants. In the midnight moonlight it still offers the best spectacle"

Herman Melville about the Cathedral


“I could very well remain a guest of the sky on the top of Milan Cathedral"

Herman Melville about the Cathedral


“The Last Supper, beautiful beyond any immagination, a painting that can only be compared to the ancient frescos, comparable to nothing else; it has almost vanished, and is almost only narrated by the deeply moved voice of someone invisible, yet inexpressebly present, a reality indestructible in its inwardness"

Rainer Maria Rilke about Leonardo’s Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie


“I have never seen men as small as they are in La Galleria"

Franz Kafka about the Galleria


“The Milanese people combine two qualities I have seen in the same proportion: wisdom and goodheartedness"

"In my whole life I have never seen a gathering of women so beautiful; their beauty forces one to lower one's eyes!



“You can see life, movement, astonishment in the four groups of the twelve apostel"

Charles Montesquieu about the last supper